Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs
School girls fetching water from a river for their personal use at their school where days earlier, 2 students died from cholera.

World Change Makers

World Change Makers is a programme for all age groups, retirees, professionals or students in any field related to social and economic development of less fortunate communities in Kenya.

This programme presents a good opportunity to build your existing experience and utilize your acquired skills in various fields.

Key Features

  • Short or long term programmes
  • Flexible departure dates
  • Ability to concentrate on a specific programme objective and area of interest

Independent Home-Stay
This is a good opportunity for individual adults or groups to spend time on their own in a rural community set-up and enjoy adopting their host community life. Participants enjoy full freedom of deciding what to engage in during the entire period; you can choose to participate in any of our projects, or you can put a proposal for short or long term project ideas to us for consideration by a host community or village.

Children Program

We partner with Child Day Care Centres and Orphanages within our areas of operation to enhance the welfare of vulnerable and orphaned children. One area we work in, Bondo District, has continued to witness high rise in the number of orphans and vulnerable children. UN-HABITAT LAKE VICTORIA REGION WATER AND SANITATION PROGRAMME APPRAISAL REPORT BONDO TOWN July 2008, for example, reveals a worrying state of orphanhood in Bondo. In the age group of 5 – 9 years, 21.4% have already lost one or both parents. In the age group 10 – 14 years this figure reaches 31%! These figures were corroborated during this appraisal, when data was obtained on the number of orphans in primary schools in Bondo. These were in most cases more than 20% of all pupils.

Apart from helping with administration work within the Day Care Centres and Orphanages we collaborate with our volunteers to introduce modern children programmes which are of great benefit to the local children compared to the existing programmes.

We do not only concentrate on vulnerable and orphaned children but we consider the welfare of all children in our areas of operation. We operate in poor communities where children miss a lot in their young lives as they grow into adulthood. Hence; we work closely with our volunteers to introduce child-friendly activities that ensure that the local children grow and mature into responsible community members.

Our children projects are of short term running from one week to a few months and include organising days out for children.

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