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In the early 2000s, David, Maji Zima’s CEO and founder had a lovely lady named Susan Wamaitha working for him. While he was in the UK, Susan contracted Cholera and passed away before David was able to do anything about it. Cholera is a waterborne disease that is preventable and treatable. This incident affected David enough for him to want to create a solution to help prevent such tragedies. The result was Maji Zima.

Haika Susan Wamaitha, Susan Wamaitha's granddaughter, holding one glass of unfiltered water and one of filtered water.
A Maji-Zima trainer conducts Rural community education on the dangers of drinking unfiltered water; Water in the background with animals in it is the water supply for this community.
About Maji Zima
Maji Zima is a charitable organisation registered in Kenya that advocates for access to clean and safe drinking water in rural, peri-urban and urban informal settlement areas in Kenya using modern and improved water filters. Our work has directly helped these communities by providing information about waterborne diseases and training community members to use the water filters, giving them the means to improve their health and lives.

Our Popular Causes

Water filters

Water filters

Our gravity fed water filters are designed to filter viruses and bacteria and to serve families, and large groups of people in villages, schools, health facilities, and religious institutions.



We seek to educate the communities on how to prevent waterborne diseases and use and maintain the water filters so they can serve them efficiently for a long time.

Volunteer With Us

Whoever you are and whatever you can do, you are welcome to join us through safe drinking water education or fundraising and make an impact in the communities we serve.

Support Us

You can partner with us, sponsor a school, buy a filter for a family, or donate to our cause. You can make a difference in our work to supply water filters to people who wouldn’t otherwise afford them.

Stay With Us

Stay with us at our luxury tent on the edge of the Nairobi national park. As you swim in our solar-heated pool facing the wildlife, all proceeds from your stay will go directly to providing communities with safe drinking water.


Water health education & Safe drinking water

  • Do you need electricity to power the filter?

    None of the filters need an external power source. The MS-MZ water filters use gravity to push water molecules through micropores while stopping bacteria and viruses. The family filters are manually operated. They need very little manpower, even a child can operate it.

  • Do the filters use chemicals?

    None of the filters use chemicals. The MS-MZ water filters and the family filters use micropores which allow water molecules through but stop bacteria and viruses.

  • How long do the filters last?

    When properly maintained, we have filters that are still functioning after five years.


of Kenya’s population
are without access to safe drinking water


years of service

number of children dying
daily due to water borne illnesses

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