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MS-MZ water filters

These gravity-fed water filters are designed for large groups of people in villages, schools, health facilities and religious institutions where a large volume of safe water is required.

The MS-MZ water filters are gravity-fed; each produces a minimum of 3600 litres of instant safe drinking water every day, easy to install, are economical to use, use no water treatment chemicals, eliminate all pathogens in the contaminated water, no need to change the cartridges, do not remove useful dissolved minerals from your water, easy to maintain and last long when properly looked after.

The complete unit has:

  1. Easily removable pre-filter with cleanable mesh interior
  2. Continuous cross flow flushing system
  3. Backwash system to clean the membrane when needed

How MZ-MS water filters work

Dirty water flows through the inside of hollow fibre membranes, which are small tubes with porous walls of 0.00002 millimetres in diameter to allow water to pass, but hold back dirt, bacteria and viruses.

Family Water Filter

The family Water Filter produces safe drinking water on demand at a rate of 1 litre a minute, so one drink of around one third of a litre takes about 20 seconds. To put this into a daily context, the usual requirement of 2 litres of drinking water per person means that the Family Water Filter is suitable for an extended family group of about 30 people.

Instant Drinking Water

Turning on a tap and having access to clean water is something people in developed countries take for granted, but about 17.5 million of Kenya’s population does not have ready access to safe drinking water and the majority of these people live in remote rural villages, peri-urban and informal urban human settlement areas. Kenya’s constitution under bill of rights acknowledges that having access to clean and adequate water is fundamental to all her citizens.