Our partners

Maji Salama

Maji Salama is a UK registered charity supplying us with Water Filters towards the implementation of ‘Maji Salama Kijijini Project’ in urban informal human settlement areas, peri-urban and rural areas where the inhabitants are at risk of contracting waterborne diseases due to bacterial contamination in water.

Newcastle University

The University of Newcastle upon Tyne, through the Microbiology Department at the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust, is undertaking a study of the Water Filter’s ability to filter out waterborne viruses as well as bacteria and other pathogens. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the Water Filters and report the findings.

Maji Salama (UK)

Maji Salama, meaning “Safe Water”, is a UK charity with the primary aim of providing safe drinking water to those who need it in Africa.

Diguna (Africa Inland Church)
Beacon of Hope Clinic
Nkaimurunya Primary School