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You can donate online using one of the provided online payment methods. Every penny raised makes a difference and goes direct to our charity to help us supply Water Filters across Kenya.

About GivingThursday

Many individuals experience one or more social problems personally. For example, many people are poor and many are in poor health.

GivingThursday acknowledges social challenges that different people encounter in their daily lives in Kenya; thus sets 52 national generous days to touch the hearts of people facing socio-economic problems in the country. Beginning February 11, 2016: Thursday of every week, every month and every first Thursday of December annually are days set aside to give back to our communities.

Let’s come together to celebrate this new tradition of generosity in Kenya and bring positive change in our communities.


Safe drinking water and clean air for 100 people daily for 10 years. Every year, for the first ten years of its existence, GivingThursday will plant 160,000 trees; give access to clean and safe drinking water using Grifaid filters to 200 households of approximately 6,000 individuals, and 9,000 pupils in 30 schools.


For the first ten years, GivingThursday will support 3 main programs targeting children in school, youth in and out of school, men and women within communities.

  • Environmental conservation
  • Education
  • Community Economic Empowerment

Key Objectives
  1. Providing safe drinking water to people every day.
  2. To increase tree cover in Kenya that is currently at 1.4%.
  3. To increase access to safe drinking water for 200 households and 30 schools annually.
  4. Creating and sustaining awareness on safe drinking water and value of trees.

#3 Dollar Campaign : Access to safe drinking water and clean air in every home - join us
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