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You can donate online using one of the provided online payment methods. Every penny raised makes a difference and goes direct to our charity to help us supply Aquafilters across Kenya.

Appropriate usage

  • In emergencies
  • In the short to medium term, when a permanent solution is some way off
  • In treating open water from wells, ponds, lakes or rivers
  • Where wells are damaged or dangerous
  • Where supply pipes are damaged
  • When the water from closed wells or piped supply is biologically unsafe
  • Where the chlorine dosage to the water supply is applied inconsistently
  • In treating water contaminated in storage, typically from water harvesting


The filtration in both the Aquafilter Community and Aquafilter Family is performed by hollow fibre membranes. These are small tubes in which water flows both through their centres and through their porous walls. The porous walls have very small holes, 0.00002 millimetres in diameter, which allow water to pass, but hold back bacteria and viruses. Aquafilters have mesh pre-filters to hold back larger particles of dirt as well as a main filter of hollow fibre membranes.

When the integrated hand pump is operated, dirty water is drawn up through the centres of the fibre membranes and back down again, continually washing out the fibres, while clean water comes through the walls to the outlets. In addition, the filters have systems to flush clean water in reverse, back through the walls to clean them out. This takes away the accumulated substances removed from the water.


The pump seal is the only part that wears. Its life is increased by applying grease which is stored in a grease pot within the casing of the filter. Spare seals are stored on the piston rod (or in the case of the Mark 2 Aquafilter Family, in the pump handle) and are easily accessed if the seal needs changing.

The Aquafilter requires a small amount of maintenance to ensure its continued successful operation. Where the source is muddy water, the filters will need to be back-flushed daily or several times a day to remove large particles and keep it functioning effectively. We shall train community members throughout Kenya to look after each filter.


A mesh pre-filter protects the membrane by removing larger particles of dirt. The pre-filter can be removed and cleaned when necessary.

The very small particles are removed from the membranes through back flushing whenever necessary, depending on the amount of water being pumped.

Aquafilter’s hollow membranes are designed to be chemically cleaned in the event of internal biofilm growth. Each Aquafilter comes with NaDCC tablets stored in a built in reservoir. This chemical cleaning restores the flow rate.

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