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The Aquafilter transforms people’s lives by providing a longstanding sustainable solution to treat contaminated water. It is simple to use, easy to hand pump, portable, long lasting and relatively low cost.

Aquafilter is a UK designed microfilter developed in North East England as a Rotary charitable project to treat contaminated water direct from rivers, wells, ponds, lakes and other local water storage areas. It is simple to use, light but strong, and the water is pumped by hand so there is no need for a power supply. It currently provides clean water to families and communities living in areas of the world where water is unsafe to drink.

Aquafilter Community

The Community Aquafilter delivers 300 litres an hour, so for example, in a school of 600 children, pumping the Aquafilter for 2 hours will provide every child with 1 litre of drinking water.

Aquafilter Family

The family Aquafilter produces safe drinking water on demand at a rate of 1 litre a minute, so one drink of around one third of a litre takes about 20 seconds. To put this into a daily context, the usual requirement of 2 litres of drinking water per person means that the Aquafilter Family is suitable for an extended family group of about 30 people.

Instant Drinking Water

Turning on a tap and having access to clean water is something people in developed countries take for granted, but about 17.5 million of Kenya’s population does not have ready access to safe drinking water and the majority of these people live in remote rural villages, peri-urban and informal urban human settlement areas. Kenya’s constitution under bill of rights acknowledges that having access to clean and adequate water is fundamental to all her citizens.

The Aquafilter comes in two sizes depending on the number of people the filtration system is to serve.

Aquafilters have been designed and developed especially for use in developing countries in situations where there is no supply of clean water, for families and communities, making contaminated water clean and biologically safe to drink at the point of use. Aquafilters remove biological contaminants from untreated water to make it safe to drink; they are hand operated so they require no electricity; and no chemicals are employed in the treatment.